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24 Hour Roadside Assistance

This is a picture of a 24 hour roadside assistance.

Having a towing company open 24 hours, especially one with the reputation that Franklin Towing Service has, is an incredible convenience. Think about it, you could break down or have an accident at any point. If Franklin Towing Service wasn’t around, what would you do? Chances are you’d be doing a lot of walking, but you’d get where you needed to go. Now, take that same scenario and change it a little bit. How about now it’s 1 o’clock in the morning and it’s December and your two children are in the back of the car? Walking isn’t the best choice at this point, and you can’t abandon your children to walk to get gas. Still, there’s no problem and no need to worry, because Franklin Towing Service is a phone call away. Just stay cozy in your vehicle and one of our helpful, friendly technicians will be out to get you back up and running in no time.


Being open 24 hours each day isn’t easy or cheap, but we do it because we know the value it provides the Franklin, TN community.

The peace of mind that having a 24-hour towing shop bestows on our neighbors is well worth the added work and energy involved. Our operators and other staff members agree. Being open for 24 hours each day isn’t something we just adopted as a gimmick to get more customers or attention. We truly believe that any wrecker service, whether in Franklin or elsewhere, should have the utmost availability and should be able to help anyone out of a jam, no matter the time of day.

Big Rigs

Most of the non-intermodal transportation industry involves very full, very big vehicles traveling at high speeds. While this is the most efficient way to move things around the country, this can increase the risk of collisions or roadway incidents. Truckers also tend to drive at night, during off hours, to avoid traffic and congestion. So what would happen if there was an issue involving a big rig with loads of cargo? Franklin Towing Service knows what would happen. It would get called in and our team would be on top of it, helping with the recovery and wrecker services.

Outstanding Results

What good is it if we’re open for 24 hours a day but we’re slow to reply or we don’t answer the phone? It wouldn’t be very helpful to you, would it? Probably not. That’s why we aim to keep our levels of customer service at only the highest level. You’ll notice a difference when you work with us, over the other guys, that’s a guarantee!


Some companies that work around the clock think that it’s acceptable to cut back on resources, professionalism and courtesy just because it’s the middle of the night. We don’t agree with that philosophy in the least. If anything, our operators need to be more vigilant during the night because that’s when drivers get drowsy and there is lower visibility in general.

Franklin, TN